Easy Apple Pie

Oops. I Forgot To Peel It.

I’m not much of a baker, so you’ll be seeing very few desserts on this site. When I do bake, however, I go for simple, easy, and classic.

I had a few apples that needed eating and it’s fall, so I decided on apple pie today.

Not your mother’s apple pie, though. This does not use traditional pie crust, but an ├ęclair-type topping. It’s also about the easiest thing to make!

It’s also not my recipe, but from a cookbook my mother gave me ages ago that is a compilation of recipes submitted by members of her church.

In the spirit of family, my 12 y/o Biscuit helped put this together. I love sharing kitchen time with my boy!

Core, Peel, and Slice

I taught Biscuit how to use the apple corer today, which was fun. He got a kick out of the shapes it made. This is the version we used to make this pretty design!

Easy Apple Pie

So we sliced up 6 cups of apples, spread it all out in a greased pie pan, and…enter Mr. Alexander.

Mr. A: “Er. Are you going to peel those?”

Me: “Dag-nabit. [That’s not really what I said, but I’m trying to keep this family friendly.] I do this every time.

Mr. A: “I know.”

Me: “We’ve eaten it like this before.”

Mr. A: “I know.”

Me: [narrowing my eyes] “You’re going to eat it, and you’re going to like it.”

Mr. A: “I promise the first. I don’t promise the second.”

The Pie Will Still Taste Good

It just might be a bit, er, toothsome. Right?

Easy Apple Pie

Plus, the peels are nutritious. And it still looks pretty. Right?

Easy Apple Pie

Especially with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top?

No Pie Crust Needed

As I said, this apple pie is not made with traditional pie crust, but something ├ęclair-like. Just butter, sugar, egg and flour. Takes about 5 minutes to whip up, which is why I like it.

Plus, I’m not a fan of pie crust. I’ve had good pie crust and boring pie crust, but it’s just not my favorite. This topping, however? It’s yummy.

Very, very yummy.

Easy Apple Pie

It’s also very sporkable!

Even with the apple peels on.


  1. And, in not peeling it, you’re eating the healthiest part of the apple! I’m assuming the crust is spooned on top and spreads out on its own. Looks wonderful. I can almost smell it, too.

    • That’s exactly right about the crust–well, almost. It’s a pretty sticky mixture, so I spoon it on and then smooth it out with my fingers for full coverage. And, yes, it smells heavenly!

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